Did you know that 80 million women spend OVER $500 million dollars on shaving, waxing, and hair removal treatments! Why spend your money on razors, wax, and creams when you can get your unwanted hair lasered away and be done! With the Triton by Inmode we are able to treat patients of ALL skin tones which other platforms typically can not. The Triton provides optimal wavelengths to treat all skin and hair types and most hair colors (excluding white and blonde). This device provides fast treatment and has the most efficient cooling plates there is.


What do I need to know about pre-treatment? The big thing is no sunburn to the treated area prior. If an area on the face is to be treated avoid retinol based products for about a week prior. Also, if prone to herpes outbreaks or cold sores and those areas are going to be treated we would want to pre-treat you with an antiviral to avoid triggering an outbreak.


What about post treatment instructions? The area treated may feel dry or be slightly red temporarily so cold compresses and moisturizers may be used. It is safe to put on makeup immediately after if you desire as well. We recommend sunscreen ALWAYS but for sure three weeks after treatment.


For laser hair removal  each hair on the body can be in a different place in the life cycle so several treatments may be needed. Lucky for you the treatments are quick! We typically need between 4-10 sessions every 4 weeks but everyone is different and we have found some require only a few sessions.  Is there any discomfort? From what our customers have told us ours device provides much less discomfort than our competitors however in sensitive areas there may be a temporary discomfort. 


Will I need follow up treatments? While the Triton provides excellent permanent hair reduction it is possible you have sporadic hair regrowth but that is with any laser hair removal device and we would be happy to touch it up for you!