Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Medical device therapy for the skin and body

We offer a variety of medical devices that provide therapies and treat various skin conditions.

  • Comfortable

  • Quick

  • No Downtime

We treat all skin types, targeting the hair at every stage of the life cycle to produce the best results.
This is considered an IPL (intense pulse light) that can treat vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, rosacea, sunspots and more. This IPL is very comfortable and quick with no down time!
This laser is the latest alternative to skin resurfacing and tightening! This nonsurgical “face lift” can take years off your face and other body areas in just minutes. This treatment is very comfortable and has no down time. This laser is also safe for all skin types and colors and can also help manage Melasma!
This red/blue light therapy treatment can help treat wrinkles and aging skin as well as acne prone skin.
Morpheus8 women’s wellness therapies including the Morpheus8 for Face/Body (skin tightening, collagen building) as well as vaginal treatments for laxity, incontinence, and more.

“Nourish yourself in a way that helps you blossom. You are worth the effort.”