The Morpheus8 is the newest kid on the block. The Morpheus8 is a micro-needling device paired with radio-frequency energy to give you the best results. This device provides the deepest FDA approved fractional technology. The mechanical tissue injury is caused by 24 gold plated pins which then simultaneously cause thermal injury with the radio-frequency energy. This helps at certain depths to break down adipose tissue (reduce fat!), smoothes skin, decreases wrinkles and stretch marks and decreases skin laxity. This technology can be used not only on the face and neck but all over the body such as legs, arms, abdomen, buttocks, and more!

While this sounds scary we promise you it is not! We have you come to the clinic and for one hour you will sit comfortably with topical numbing cream on the intended areas to be treated. After that if you develop discomfort we utilize our Pro-Nox machine which delivers “laughing gas” and oxygen which will also help relieve any discomfort and is so fast acting you can drive within 10 minutes of receiving the Pro-Nox gas. Your comfort and outcomes are our top priority! Treatments take about two hours (one hour for numbing and up to one hour for treatment time) and we recommend a package of 3 spaced 4-6 weeks apart for the best results. Most patients start seeing some results after the first treatment.

You may wonder what you look like after? You will leave the clinic looking like you have a light sunburn. For people with thickened skin or moderate to severe acne you can develop tiny scabs/crusting but that is not very common. We ask you avoid Retinol and Exfoliants the week prior to your treatment as well. Call us for a free consultation and we would love to show you our pride and joy….the Morpheus8.